Monster under my bed!

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I see me, in this tea. But who is he? Who are we? Could we He's just for show. How would I know. Seeing him go....cry. Just want to lie in a ball to die. I'm not sure why. Bye and bye I try. THE END.


*whispers* Its almost hoodie season

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Today at the Ocoee river me and the family got the opportunity to go river rafting. We had a kick ass guide that let me “ride the bull,” which is what they call it when someone straddles the very front of the raft and holds the front down while your raft drifts down some level 3 and 4 rapids. I couldn’t be more proud of myself for volunteering to do this 2 times. Super exciting, and if you are ever given the opportunity to go white water rafting, please do! I def would put that experience near the top of the list as far as the most exciting things I’ve ever done.

Going camping with some great people tomorrow at Blue Springs state park! I’m just ready to kick it and drink some cider. Oh and swimming!